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Baglamukhi - Havan, Pujan and Anusthan

Baglamukhi Anushthan

Eight rounds of Turmeric or Yellow Glass Mala “ऊँ ह्लीं बगलामुखी देव्यै नम:” or “ऊँ ह्लीं बगलामुखी सर्व दुष्टानां वाचं मुखं पदं स्तम्भय जिह्वां कीलय बुद्धिं विनाशय ह्लीं ॐ स्वाहा।
You can chant this Baglamukhi mantra.

By the mantras of Baglamukhi Devi, sorrows are destroyed.

Baglamukhi Vishesh Havan​

We do “Baglamukhi Vishesh Havan” for Special Requirement. For different kinds of problems, we use different materials.  Through the Baglamukhi Havan, new consciousness infuses. 
Shatru Vinash, Lakshmi Prapti, Santan Prapti, Baglamukhi Vishesh Havan, Manichit Vivah, Vashikaran, Akarshan, Sammohan, Rognash.

Lakshmi Prapti Puja

Money is the most important thing to enjoy and Survive in life. If you don’t have money your life is like hell. Therefore, for the special grace of Mother Lakshmi. Always keep Mata Baglamukhi’s Adhishthaatri Lakshmi happy and adopt the “Lakshmi Prapti Tantra Sabar Puja”.


Akarshan Prayog

The biggest power in the world is the power of attraction, through which a person can make his desired work possible by attracting everyone towards him. You can get this power through the First Prayog of tantra, the Akarshan Prayog.


Vashikaran means that you can control anyone’s mind and brain according to your desires and can use it. W Every human wants to take advantage of this experiment, but it should always be used for the right purpose.


Sammohan is the art of driving a person according to oneself. Man can be brought into a subconscious state by Sammohan. This state is like samadhi or dream state. Through Sammohan prayog a person can fulfill his every wish.


Uchatan means to disengage the mind from or do something. This Vidhya has been used to confuse the enemies.

The most important use of this Vidhya is to get rid of any kind of stressful thoughts or thoughts in one’s mind.


In the 6 Karma of Tantra, where the function of hypnosis is to create attraction between two people. The same “Videshan Tantra Prayog” created hatred between two attractive people. You must have noticed that suddenly everything goes well between two people and it suddenly starts getting wrong.

Shatru Vinash

According to Chanakya, there are two types of enemies. One those who are visible and the other those who are not visible. One should be alert and careful about both types of enemies. Defeat the enemies through Tantra or Baglamukhi Shatru Vinash​ Puja.

Baglamukhi Purushcharan Mantra-Jaap Worship

In defeating the enemy, In destroying the enemies, In court matters, In hypnosis, In attraction, For exaltation, Secret enemy obstacle, For stability in politics, For achieving victory everywhere, Court barrier, To get rid of debt For this, the Baglamukhi ritual is performed to solve the biggest and the smallest problems like Mohan, etc.

Baglamukhi Purushcharan Mantra-Jaap Worship is special mantra chanting worship. In which you will definitely get results.

About Jamna Guru

Pandit Jamna Prasad Sharma (Jamna Guru), is from Madhya Pradesh, India. He has earned a name in the field of Tantra and Astrology, Not only in Madhya Pradesh but in the whole world.

Jamna Guru has more than 18 years of experience in Tanta and Baglamukhi Sadhana. Pandit Jamna Prasad Sharma hails from a traditional Brahmin family and has had a keen interest in astrology and Baglamukhi worship since his childhood. He has also collected a lot of experience in Vedic astrology.

During these years, Panditji did the work of many peoples and guided them to be successful in their goals.

Ma Baglamukhi Upasak, Jamana Prasad Sharma, Jamna Guru, Jamna Prasad

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Ma Baglamukhi Pujan (Reviews) - Jamna Guru

Manish Kumar Vyas

Mata Baglamukhi Shakti Pith in Nalkheda is very famous and devotional place. This is the place where Pandwas prays for the victory of mahabharat yuddha. Ma bagulamukhi completes the wish of everyone who comes here.

I visited this place and got the inner peace and beauty after worship Goddess Bagulamukhi. Pandit Jamun prasad is very supportive and knowledgeable priest here, who completed pujan.

He is very kind and very cool pujari here.Jay mata di.

Ma Baglamukhi Pujan (Reviews) - Jamna Guru

Dr Mahendra Malviya

Nice experience for me.

Ma Baglamukhi Pujan (Reviews) - Jamna Guru

Salasar Enterprises

Pandit Ji, you are really good and lots of thanks for your support.


Devashish Sarkar

Ma Baglamukhi Pujan (Reviews) - Jamna Guru

Great experience n feel the presence of almighty…..

Ma Baglamukhi Pujan (Reviews) - Jamna Guru


Helping Nature…Great Person



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